Our website name ttp-fasttrack.com is not affiliated with the United States Customs and Border Protection team and their Trusted Traveler programs.

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We understand that your company’s time is valuable. We take over the management of the lengthy process for your staff so you do not have to. Every minute spent waiting in a border queue is a minute wasted. We can solve this problem.


We offer a B2B solution allowing your employees to access our exclusive Global Entry for Business service. We do not do this for consumers as it is exclusively a B2B service to aid your business.

We do not resell applications and you still pay the application fee directly to the US Govt. Our service takes place in addition to the Govt application our focus is on consultation and providing a B2B solution. We do not provide consumers with assistance with acquiring particular travel documents or official services. We review the documents and the process, but the application to the government is up to the applicant, we do not process it.


We put the time in, for your employees so you don’t have to.

Please be aware that processing times can vary once an application has been submitted and is with the CBP.


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Global Entry – Fast Track Entry into the US for your staff

If you have employees that travel on a regular basis as part of their jobs, you’ll already know how much of a logistical nightmare arranging their travel plans can be. And while Trusted Traveler Programs, such as Global Entry, make a lot of sense for both business and employee, applying for them only adds more steps/red tape/bureaucracy to your processes.

But rather than forego all the benefits Global Entry affords for business travelers, why not let us take care of everything for you.

As specialists in corporate Trusted Traveler Program assistance, we can ensure that every application that is submitted on behalf of your employees not only stands the best chance of being approved, incorrect or incomplete applications cannot be submitted. Our assistance requires minimum input from you.

Whether you’ve been submitting corporate Global Entry applications for some time, or are completely new to the process, we are here to make your life easier, freeing you up to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Best of all, we’ll begin the process immediately, informing you of any additional requirements if they are necessary, and answering all inquiries within 24 hours.

What is Global Entry?

Global Entry is a United States Govt. Trusted Traveler Program that enables visitors to the country to swiftly navigate US airports with zero hassle and minimum red tape.

When one of your employees arrives at the airport, instead of joining the back of a long immigration queue, they head for the Global Entry kiosk. After presenting either their passport or US resident card, and having their fingertips scanned for verification, they’ll be on their way once more. All that’s left is to claim their baggage and exit the airport.

For both organizations and employees, Global Entry simplifies business travel and makes negotiating US airports more efficient than ever.


While we are not affiliated with the US Government, our specialist knowledge of its Trusted Traveler Programs benefits your business and its employees.

Our Processing Fee is $280, payable as a one-off payment via our secure payment processor. This is in addition to the GLOBAL ENTRY MEMBERSHIP FEE of $100, which is to be paid directly by your business to the US Govt.

So your business and its staff can benefit from fast track entry into the United States for less than $280 in total (per employee).

Terms and Conditions

By submitting a Global Entry application with us, you are acknowledging that you understand we are not in any way associated or affiliated with any government body. Our specialized service is designed to help you successfully secure Global Entry membership for your staff and do so in the most efficient way possible.

You further understand that you are partnering with us as an independent third party organization and consent for us to file your employees’ Global Entry applications with the government.

You do not have to take advantage of our service and can file Global Entry applications for your staff directly with the US Government if you wish. While this will inevitably save your business some money, the outcome of such applications relies on their quality.

What We Offer


Our no hassle guarantee

We create a login.gov profile for your employee, conduct a thorough review of the application and then error check everything before readying it all for submission. The company itself or the employee will send the application to the government, we do not send the application. That means less headaches and red tape for you, and hassle free business travel for your staff.